Vision / Goals


  • We create and support a learning environment that challenges and enables students to achieve their highest potentials.

OUR CORE VALUES… we believe:

  • that public schools are the foundation of our democracy
  • that every person has intrinsic worth
  • in treating people with dignity and respect
  • that high standards and expectations foster greater achievement
  • that each of us shares responsibility for the welfare of our community
  • that diversity is an asset in our community
  • that honesty and integrity are essential in building relationships
  • that schools must provide access and equity
  • that people thrive in safe environments


  • All SCCS students will be prepared to successfully access post-secondary college and career opportunities.
  • SCCS will create positive, engaging school environments that promote the development of cognitive skills and the social emotional well-being of all students.
  • We will eliminate the achievement gaps that currently exist between demographic groups within the SCCS student community.
  • We will develop a highly collaborative, professional culture focused on supporting effective teaching.
  • SCCS will maintain a balanced budget and efficient and effective management.
  • SCCS will maintain strong communication and partnerships with its diverse community.

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