Educational Services

Educational Services serves the staff and students of the district through the following departments: Curriculum and Assessment, Academic Equity and Categorical Programs, Student Services, Special Education, Professional Development, and Educational Technology.

Our division provides information and consultation to the school sites, community, Superintendent, and the Board of Trustees in providing effective, engaging, and academically rigorous programs for all Santa Cruz City Schools students.

Educating Diverse Students Ensuring Research-Based Vibrant Instruction Committed to Excellence Schoolwide/Systemwide

There are five schools serving over 2,500 students in the elementary district. The secondary district includes two middle schools, three comprehensive high schools, a continuation school, an independent study program and a home school program with a combined population of approximately 4,400 students. Our Santa Cruz Adult School has approximately 6,000 enrolled students. We welcome you to tour the Educational Services division and school site links to learn more about the outstanding programs and services offered in the district.


Dorothy Coito Assistant Superintendent 429-3410 ext 249
Sarah Miller Executive Assistant 429-3410 ext 248
    429-3450 FAX

Department Index

Academic Equity and Categorical Programs 

The Office of Academic Equity and Categorical Programs oversees a variety of special services provided to students. This includes Title I, Two Way Immersion, English Language Learner services, GATE, Migrant Education and promotion and retention. Categorical Programs include administrative work related to grants, district applications and reports sent to the California Department of Education. The department also completes mandatory reports to the Office of Civil Rights and other agencies as well as management of categorical funding including Site Improvement Plan funds. More info


The Office of Curriculum and Assessment oversees instructional materials adoption, district literacy and math assessments, standardized testing, and the articulation of both mandatory and local assessments. Districtwide Professional Development in the elementary and secondary districts is also coordinated through this office. Other programs and services within the Office of Curriculum and Assessment include curriculum committees, monitoring and reporting No Child Left Behind compliance, review and approval of instructional materials, analysis of new course proposals for Board approval, instructional reform taskforces and articulation with higher education. The major focus of Curriculum and Assessment is collaboration with administrators and teachers to promote and enhance academic achievement for all students. More info

Student Services

The Student Services and Health Services departments identify and assist in removing many of the barriers to learning. More info

Special Education

Special Education is an integral part of the public education system. It is specifically designed instruction to meet the unique needs of a child with a disability. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act emphasizes the student's participation in the general education curriculum and expands the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team to include general education teachers. Under IDEA, students who are eligible for special education have the right to a Free and Appropriate Public Education. Santa Cruz City Schools offers a full range of service options for eligible students. More info

Education Technology

Santa Cruz City Schools Online Blended Learning Program is a partnership with UC College Prep, the Santa Cruz and Santa Clara County Offices of Education, and industry partners Graniterock, Seagate Technology, and Plantronics.  This teacher-driven initiative supports the District goals to increase the number of options available for students to meet college entrance requirements and to complete college-level courses in high school, and to help close the achievement gaps that currently exist amongst different student demographic groups.  

Education Technology supports teachers, Technology Teacher Coaches, Library Media Teachers, and students as they apply technology to enhance classroom teaching and learning. More info

Uniform Complaints/Williams

A complaint is a written statement alleging discrimination, harassment, or a violation of a federal or state law or regulation. A complaint must be filed by way of the Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP) as written in the California Code of Regulations, Title 5, sections 4600-4687. Issues that may involve filing a complaint using the UCP are under various state and federal programs that use categorical funds such as Adult Education, Career Technical Education, Child Development, Consolidated Categorical Programs, Indian Education, Migrant Education, Nutrition Education, and Special Education. More info

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