Facilities Ad Hoc Committee Formed

Long Range Facilities Master Plan Approved on August 31, 2016
Posted on 05/24/2016
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In the spring of 2015, the District took initial steps to begin a master planning process for facilities.  With school buildings between 49 and 101 years old, our facility needs are significant.  The normal problems with aging buildings was further complicated by a decade long recession where the State directed school districts to use maintenance dollars for basic operations. 

As part of our master planning process, we hired an architectural firm to support our needs assessment.  Throughout the fall of 2015, Teter and Associates assessed our properties identifying needs for infrastructure, rehabilitating aging plumbing and sewer systems, repairing/replacing leaky roofs, upgrading technology infrastructure, modernizing outdated classrooms, updating heating and ventilations systems, addressing deteriorated buildings (doors, windows, structural repairs, dry rot, painting), improving school safety, upgrading athletic fields, upgrading career tech and science labs for the 21st century, and many more pressing needs.

In the fall of 2015, we contracted with DecisionInsite, a demographer, to help us project student enrollment for the next decade.  Using birth rates, current enrollment data, housing development plans in both the city and county, partner district data and current enrollment, the demographer identified that SCCS will be in declining enrollment for the next decade. Our elementary district currently has only 34 more students than we had when two elementary schools were closed in 2004.  We are projected to drop further next year to under the number we had the year schools were closed.

The architects’ final assessment provided many recommendations.  It also informed us that the Natural Bridges campus was not worth investing in renovation.  The school site’s original construction was poor and years of wear and tear, dry rot, etc. would require us to spend 75% to 80% of what new construction would cost to renovate the building and the results would be less than satisfactory.  

Community input has been an essential component of our process. Throughout the year, we have worked to include the voices of our stakeholders with numerous meetings and surveys.  These input opportunities have included:

·         7 Board/Community Meetings on Programs and Facilities

·         12 Community Meetings on each school facility and district wide facilities issues – all advertised in the Sentinel

·         Faculty meetings at each school site

·         On-line surveys specific to each campus with campus stakeholders

·         District-wide Community Survey on District-wide facility issues

In March of 2016 SCCS convened an Ad-Hoc Facilities Committee to look at district wide facilities concerns this spring.  Look for links to follow on their work, community meeting notes and survey information.

Further, a Steering Committee was formed with 25 stakeholders to prioritize identified needs. Links are also available here for their meeting agendas and materials.  The Steering Committee will provide input into final recommendations for the Facilities Master Plan, which we anticipate will be presented to the Board in August.

Please look to this web page for up to date information on our planning process. 

Ad Hoc Facilities Committee Formed March 2016
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SCCS Elementary Enrollment vs. Projections 2000-2016
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Draft Long Range Facilities Master Plan-Aug. 19 2016
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PowerPoint Presentation Partner w/SC @ Natural Bridges 8.19.16


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