We are a diverse family and our oldest daughter went to SCCS starting with Bay View Elementary then Mission Hill Middle School until she graduated from Santa Cruz High. She won a scholarship to Vassar and is graduating this Spring with her Masters in Fine Arts from Brown University.   And my youngest daughter is now at Santa Cruz High doing well in Math Academy and other advanced courses.  We believe in SCCS and the public school experience... and so should you.

CH and KP, Parents


I love the sense of community I get from my schools.  My children's friends are there... and my friends are there.  My children are given so many opportunities for growth – I love it. 

GL, Parent

Santa Cruz public schools have provided rich environments not only in academics, but in sports, arts, theater, social and extra curricular activities for all four of our children.  All four have progressed from Bay View Elementary, Mission Hill JHS/MS, and Santa Cruz High School.  All have been challenged and encouraged by wonderful teachers and staff that were committed to each and every individual.  Each is succeeding in their own way:  Luke, 26, will graduate from Medical school in May planning on a career in Orthopedic surgery.  Dash, 23, graduated from UCSD in June 2007 and is now in Los Angeles working and earning his way into the acting world.  Dylan, 19, is a freshman at UCSC majoring in Health Sciences, playing Lacrosse, and blossoming as an engaged and vibrant person.  Aly, 15, a sophomore at SCHS is challenged by Math Academy and AP courses, playing soccer, running track, and loving her extended social network.

We were committed to public education from the start because it's the foundation of our democracy.  Also public schools allow kids from all walks of life to be together, reflecting the richness of diversity of our Community, and get to know each other.  Our future depends on this.  Our wildest expectations have been exceeded.     

Dylan said "Public education is so much better for its balance and perspective and opportunity.  It allows teenagers to have a childhood and escape the pressures that leads kids in bad directions."

JWP & RP, Parents


When my kids were small, I was afraid of public school. After several years of private school, we made the switch. I am especially pleased with the academic rigor and the rich arts programs. Most of all, we now understand what it means to be part of a community.

D.S., Parent 


There are so many things we love about our neighborhood elementary and middle schools: dedicated teachers and caring staff, well-maintained buildings and playing fields, strong academics and excellent visual and performing arts classes that are built-in to the school program.

T.S., Parent


Santa Cruz High and Mission Hill have given my four children everything they need. My oldest daughter loved participating in sports and had a passion for math and science.  Every school she applied to sent her acceptance. Today she is earning a 4.0 at UC San Diego and considering law school.  My second daughter discovered theater in high school and has been accepted to a number of prestigious programs.  My son, a freshman, is doing very well and pursuing his interest in Math and Science. My youngest daughter is in 7th grade where she is particularly enjoying the new Spanish class. 

Santa Cruz City Schools have provided my children with academic challenge, enrichment and a strong community. They are doing so well and we so appreciate all that our schools have given them.

K.G., Parent 

Miracles occur in our classrooms every day. In my daughter's classroom, her teacher teaches and children learn. They are taught to love to learn, to engage and to be curious. I can't ask for anything more.

S.S., Parent 


My daughter and I love walking the dog to our neighborhood school on the "walking school bus" in the morning!

K.S., Parent

I was surprised to find out how much parents are welcome to participate at my children's elementary school.  Community, participation at our school has created a wonderful atmosphere of belonging and inclusiveness.

T. S., Parent
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