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Welcome to Illuminate's Parent Portal page, also known as the Home Connection Portal! 

Illuminate Parent Portal offers parents, students, and teachers access to student data information including schedules, attendance, grades, and homework assignments. 

Parents were sent a Google Form via email on September 11, 2017, to be filled out and submitted to the I.T. Department. IT would then validate the email account with the SIS and send out access codes for parents to create a Parent Portal account. Specific access codes for each parent were sent out within a 48 hour span. 

Remember, if you have more than one child in our school district, please fill out the form for only one; the siblings will automatically be synced by the SIS. 

For parents who did not elect to fill out and submit the Google Form, you will be required to request a parent portal access code from your child's site.  You will be required to show a photo ID before providing an activation key for the account. Once the account is activated, you can log in routinely to check on your student's progress.

For maximum security, this system is a READ only system. If you find an error in your student's information, please contact the school to report it. We encourage you to keep your email address current on your account; teachers, school and district administrators may use the Illuminate Messenger email function to send you important information.

Teachers may post their grade book information on Illuminate. Grade books may lag behind actual submission of work. Contact your student 's teachers if you have questions about homework and progress data.

Illuminate Parent Portal Login


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