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Bay View was built in 1950 & serves 338 students.

In 2016, after almost 20 years without a Bond investment, the school needed help. Teachers, students, staff, parents & neighbors prioritized the need for modernized classrooms, new roofs, expanded & improved play areas and an upgraded multi-purpose building.

The project further included new landscaping with drought tolerant plants, a new electrical & data infrastructureremoval of portablesreconfiguring of and additional parking space and general modernizations & refurbishments.



Built: 6 New Classrooms

A new wing of classrooms replace aging portables with energy efficient & spacious learning environments with the same upgraded ventilation, insulation and technological infrastructure with which we modernized existing classrooms.

Remodeled: Main Entrance & Front Courtyard

To revitalize a dilapidated campus entry and repair this first-impression point in the neighborhood, we built a new face for Bay View that students, staff & neighbors could take pride in & a green bio swale retention pond for better water stewardship.

Done Built: 6 new classrooms
Done Installed: New Roofing Site-wide
Done Modernized: 3 Wings of Classrooms
Done Removed: Some Portable Buildings
Done Remodeled: Main Entrance
Done Painted: Mission Street Wall Mural

Postponed for Future Fundings
Postponed Multi-Purpose Room
Postponed Modernize remaining Classroom wings
Postponed Remove additional portables

Postponed Expand / Update Play Fields
Postponed Modernize Cafeteria & Kitchen

In Process
In Process Playground Shade
In Process New Fencing
In Process Drainage Improvements
In Process New Pavement: Admin Area
In Process New Pavement: Daycare Area
In Process Storm drain Cleaning
In Process New MP HVAC

Site Bond Committee Member List
Site Bond Presentations, Updates, and Reports
Site Bond Facilities Master Plan



At every school site, you'll see "Modernization" as a banner item. While it varies by site, this normally means:

New Network & Technological Infrastructure
New Efficient & Welcoming Lighting
Upgraded Ventilation & HVAC Systems
Interior Re-design & Beautification
Insulating Window Shades
New Environmentally Conscious Flooring
New Interactive Presentation Screens & Teaching Tools
New Sliding Whiteboards
Window Films to Boost Insulation & HVAC efficiency
(did you know studies show learning ability plummets in rooms over 75 degrees?)
New Cabinetry & Storage Solutions

Evolving New Master Implementation Plan
In working with the Architects and the site staff the plan of action is coming together.

Implementation Plan  

Existing Campus

  • Current Enrollment: 570 Students
  • Enrollment Projection: 506 in 2021 / 482 in 2025
  • Building Area: 55,843 SF
  • Approximate Site AC: 5.821 Acres
  • Modernization Eligibility: $1,577,806

Community and Staff Priority Survey

This survey represents input from staff, students, parents, and community as collected during community meetings, school meetings, and online surveys   


  • Re-roof existing permanent buildings
  • New 2-story classroom building to replace portables
  • ADA site improvements
  • Reconfigure and/or add to parking lot to improve circulation and student drop-off
  • Repaint exterior of entire campus
  • New multi-purpose to free-up space for
  • Improve campus security: fencing, lighting and cameras
  • Construct a nature based play equipment near the existing play fields
  • kindergarten/pre-k at front of campus
  • Re-purpose triangular parking lot into Kindergarten play equipment
  • Install new campus-wide HVAC system
  • Expand the play field areas if portable classrooms are removed
  • Fix flooding problems, storm drainage system
  • Relocate Administration offices closer to main parking
  • Construct new multi-purpose building
  • Replace existing landscaping and irrigation with drought tolerant plants and water efficient irrigation
  • area for supervision and easier access
  • Bay View Elementary School
  • New campus utility infrastructure; electrical
  • Reconstruct play fields to eliminate hazards (low/high spots), replant turf, install new water efficient irrigation

Improvements/needs noted are based upon Architect and Engineer assessments of facilities as well as Facilities Staff. 

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