Transcript: 11.19 News Video

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It’s funny how being together has started to feel normal again—I know in my house the answer to the question “how was school today” has gone from this breathless 10 minute speech to “fine”. Oh well. We’re still all ready to celebrate big strides. 


And, of course, we’re all thinking about what we’re thankful for. And we’ve got a lot: like the most effective protection against COVID finally becoming available to almost every student.


You can schedule vaccines for students 5-11 at on campus clinics or drive through locations at link #1. Remember they are proven safe and effective but are not required. 


If you got to our website, you’ll find our COVID resource page that, along with public record of every positive detected in our schools, has helpful links for getting tested, scheduling vaccinations, and lots of other information about our COVID strategy.


We’ve also created what we hope is an easy flow chart that explains what to do if your student is sick or exposed off campus, and provides guidance on how to handle their return to school.


And if that’s still confusing, email me and I’ll help sort it out.


And it’s a good reminder that doctors aren’t just asking us all to schedule our COVID vaccine, but also your flu shot. We can all do our part to keep schools open and keep from straining our local healthcare system.


Now, not only can everyone schedule a booster on my turn dot org, but you can also schedule your flu shot there. And I’ll remind everyone every chance I get that yes, we can do this. And especially if we do it together.


I’d also like to remind everyone that our annual family survey is open. What is this? It’s the main way you can rate us—give school a report card for everything—supports, communication accessibility, curriculum, safety. And it’s your chance to direct our academic supports, mental health supports, after school programs, summer school, teacher supports, counselors, socialworkers and more more more. 


It takes less than 5 minutes, it’s completely anonymous. Please help us out, that is at link number 2.


And finally we wanted to remind everyone to help us out by not idling, leaving your engine running while parked, at school. You’ve probably seen the signs we’ve posted about this but IDLING creates awful breathing conditions for all of our students and our neighbors and of course takes a toll on the environment. Help us out, if you’re stopped, turn it off.


I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe break, that you are finding time to celebrate or at least focus on what you and your family are thankful for and I will see you all in a couple weeks.

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