Harbor High

Live View! Harbor High New Pool

Progress on the pool





Over site Committee Presentation May 30th 2019

Ongoing New Pool Construction

Completed Field Project

Time lapse of the Athletic fields.

Video of the New Athletic field project

New resurfaced tennis courts

Track and field coming along.

Summer re-roofing project

Setting of the field lights

Harbor High Committee 6-6-2018

Ongoing work at the Field

Start of work April 2nd 2018
Kick off meeting


Taken Friday March 23rd 2018
Harbor High Athletic Field Ground Breaking 
HH Ground Breaking

The Athletic Field Project 
Field project

Existing Campus

Harbor High School project plan


Established in 1967, Harbor High School has a spacious campus with newer facilities compared to other campuses.

  • Current Enrollment: 958 Students
  • Enrollment Projection: 788 in 2021 / 744 in 2025
  • Building Area: 129,102 SF
  • Approximate Site AC: 33.98 Acres
  • Modernization Eligibility: $1,146,402
Harbor High School project plan

Community and Staff Priority Survey

This survey represents input from staff, students, parents, and community as collected during community meetings, school meetings, and online surveys

Top 10 projects in order of importance with 1 being the highest priority.

  1. Technology Infrastructure Upgrades
  2. Improve Quad area
  3. Campus security
  4. Remove Portable Classroom Buildings
  5. New performing arts building
  6. Replace plumbing fixtures
  7. Replace turf at football/soccer field with synthetic grass
  8. Renovate/expand pool/pool locker and shower building
  9. Improve student pick up/ drop off areas
  10. Landscape and irrigation improvements

Note: This list was reviewed and considered by the steering committee in making appropriate project priority recommendations.

Harbor High School project plan


  • Improve tennis courts
  • Improve campus curb appeal
  • Improve student pick up/drop off areas
  • Landscape and irrigation improvements
  • Campus security improvements (cameras, lighting)
  • Improve quad area
  • Re-surface paved areas
  • Increase parking for athletic fields
  • Remove portable classroom buildings and replace with 2-story permanent building
  • Replace track surface
  • Gym improvements
  • Cafeteria and Library renovation
  • Replace turf on football/soccer field with synthetic turf
  • Harbor High School
  • Preserve legacy garden
  • Technology and infrastructure upgrades
  • Re-design athletic fields (reconfigure)
  • Install new campus-wide HVAC system
  • Update bleachers
  • New interior finishes and lighting campus-wide
  • Construct restroom and Snack bar at stadium
  • Renovate/expand pool/pool locker and shower building
  • New plumbing fixtures
  • Upgrade and enlarge kitchen
  • New performance arts building
  • Needs in bold have been included on the master plan project list.

Improvements/needs noted are based upon Architect and Engineer assessments of facilities as well as Facilities Staff.

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