Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

The Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (CIA) oversees instructional materials adoption in each content area, instructional professional development, district literacy and math assessments, and Standardized Testing. Our office collaborates with administrators and teachers to promote and enhance academic achievement for all students.

State Standardized Testing: 
State/Federal required required testing includes the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress(CAASPP) in grades 3-8 & 11, California Alternative Assessment(CAA) in grades 3-8 & 11, Physical Fitness Testing (PFT) for grades 5,7, and 9. In addition the Office of CIA also oversees the initial and annual assessment of English Learners called the English Language Proficiency Assessments for California(ELPAC). 

If you have a question about SCCS Curriculum, please contact:

Julia Hodges

Director of CIA, Secondary

429-3410 ext. 242 

Mary Anne Robb

Director of CIA, Elementary

429-3410 ext. 243

Judy Bartle

Administrative Assistant

429-3410 ext.244 

Eugenia Robles-Colmenares

Administrative Assistant

429-3410 ext. 218


Data Assessment Specialist

429-3410 ext. 256


Beatriz Diaz

 Lead Account Tech

429-3410 ext. 266 

Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Staff Contact Information


Assembly Bill(AB) 484 requires most students in grade 3-8 and 11 to take the SBAC as part of the statewide California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress(CAASPP) testing program
SBAC Parent Resources
SBAC Practice Exams

Physical Fitness
The physical fitness test(PFT) for students in California schools is the Fitnessgram. 

PFT Resources
CDE Resources

The ELPAC is used to identify, assess, and monitor EL students' progress toward English Language Proficiency. EL students continue to take the ELPAC Summative Assessment annually until they meet the LEAs reclassification criteria. 
ELPAC Initial Notification
Understanding your student score report(English)/Guia para comprender las calificaciones de su hijo/a
ELPAC Video Webpage

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