School Safety Plans


The Santa Cruz City Schools 2017-18 Comprehensive School Safety Plans, which cover the period from March 1, 2017 through March 1, 2018, consist of: data analysis (attendance and discipline reports, the California Healthy Kids Survey, rosters of club and sports participation, surveys, etc.); evaluation of the 2016-17 plan; Component One – People and Programs; Component Two – Physical Environment; Component Three – Safe Egress  and Ingress; Component Four – Emergency Management and Crisis Response Protocol; Board Policies.

If you have detailed questions about the safety plans, please contact Eileen Brown, Director, Student Services, Santa Cruz City Schools.  

School Sites


Alternative Family Education

BSSC 2017-18

Ark Independent Studies

BSSC 2017-18

Bay View Elementary School

BV 2017-18

Branciforte Middle School

B40MS 2017-18

Costanoa Continuation School

BSSC 2017-18

De Laveaga Elementary School

DLV 2017-18

Gault Elementary School

GA 2017-18

Harbor High School

HHS 2017-18

Mission Hill Middle School

MHMS 2017-18

Monarch Elementary School

BSSC 2017-18

Santa Cruz High School

SCHS 2017-18

Soquel High School

SHS 2017-18

Westlake Elementary School

WL 2017-18

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